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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Gables (part two-dessert)

Who does not love a nice dessert? I have a rule of thumb...when I first meet somebody and they tell me, they don't like dessert, I just act extra careful around them. Really? you don't like dessert? hmmm...

The second part of this nice little visit to the Gables we stopped for dessert at a great place called "Chocolate Fashion". The name automatically worked as a human size magnet for me. I looked at it from afar and saw a couple of small, cramped chairs and tables on the narrow sidewalk, right next to an ugly  and old parking lot. It was full. The food must be good I said to myself. 

Really impressed by the beauty of every dessert, I spend half an hour driving the waiter crazy, asking what every single one of those jewels was. As you could expect, there was a very ample selection of chocolate based desserts and truffles but there was also a huge selection of french pastries that looked incredible. Napoleons, fruit tarts, fraisers, opera, fruit mousses. You name it, it was there. 

I ended up ordering a passion fruit and dark chocolate double mousse that was to die for. The combination of the sour fruit with the earthiness of the mousse was spectacular! My husband ordered a chocolate tart that I was eyeing every second. Soft in texture but full in flavor, it was what a chocolate tart was all created to be. My daughter ordered a chocolate chip cookie that was bigger then her face! It was a great one, but please be more adventurous than a 5-year old! Otherwise, just save yourself some miles and go to the Starbucks close to your home; the cookies are good there too.

I cannot wait to go back and try some other goodies. They also have a good lunch menu and a very decent breakfast. All simple and very good excuses to have dessert right after!

Bon Appetit!



Anonymous said...

This is probably why I love you so much my friend!!!! I will eat dessert first and leave enough space for my main course!!! LOL! WOW I want to go there now!!!


MicheleCaridad said...

ok...seriously need to post addresses with these recommendations...plus we need to make a date because i REALLY need to meet Santi and share good food and wine with you like the good ol' days!

Anonymous said...

We love Chocolate Fashion!!! Can't believe you were in our neighborhood and we missed you. Please call us next time as we'd love any excuse to see you and share dessert (or cheese for me)!