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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pizza and hormones

My poor-neglected husband just walked in to see old pictures of the scrumptiously delicious meals I used to cook about eight and a half months away. He's had a sandwich for lunch every other day, delivery pizza almost every weekend, pasta with bolognese sauce once a month (thank God he absolutely loves that one) and a huge dose of hormonal imbalance and challenges coming right from the woman he fell in love with and did not ever have PMS during the first year of dating her. Yeah...that would be me!
By now, my little baby boy is about ready to come! yes! exciting right? I cannot believe how fast time has past and how blessed I have been for a healthy pregnancy even though my mood swings may not feel like they fell from heaven to the people that do life with me.
Hopefully, I will regain my appetite for good meals and my desire to be in the kitchen. Right now, I am no inspiration in this area of my life, therefore, this blog has also been neglected completely.
I hope you all forgive me and bear with me as I come around the corner either with a new direction or with renewed inspiration in what I consider the heart of my precious home: the kitchen.

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