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Monday, February 1, 2010

small secret revealed.

I am a foodie's nightmare.
At the time.
I have a 4 year old girl's diet. There are only a handful of things I like right now: Pasta, bread, pizza, potatoes, rice and of course, arepas. The good old venezuelan ones. All of that, needs to be topped off with cheese. Any cheese will do. That, I have not lost.
Everything else, makes me feel like my insides are a volcano in eruption. Just opening my refrigerator makes me dizzy. I can smell absolutely everything, even if it's inside of a can, and trust me, being able to smell garlic, whipped cream, yogurt, blue cheese and raw chicken at the same time it's NOT a pleasant experience.
Yes baby, I am PREGNANT! There is an additional little heart beating inside my body. There is a little being developing into a precious little child that will make me cry as soon as I see her/him and will make me look like a helium balloon for many months. He/She will make my breasts acquire gargantuan sizes and will cause people to say hello to me looking down and in awe of this new and undesired proportions. But most importantly I know that there is a God, who is right now very busy, knitting that baby inside my womb.

I guess the fact that I cannot eat, feel miserable for most of the day and that I have to surrender my entire body to this little tenant is just a small part of a huge miracle developing. The miracle of Life.

I will continue posting and maybe cooking, but mostly praying for what's about to happen in my life.

I guess I cannot close this post with Bon Appetit...
Sure, why not?

Bon Appetit!



MicheleCaridad said...


MAy God bless you and that little one today and always!! te quiero mi amiga!

paula said...

Felicitaciones!!! Y me encanto el nuevo diseƱo de tu blog.