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Monday, August 24, 2009

Dinner and Tango

Husband gets home from work after a long day. Wife is wearing red. Gotan Project is playing in the background. She gives him a kiss on the lips and takes off his tie.
They walk to the dining room table. Candlelight. White table cloth down. A bottle of Saint Emilion has been opened and decanted. There are steamed mussels on the table. The air smells like sweet butter and parsley. Husband breaths deeply - he realizes is going to be a good night.
The dinner table keeps evolving as the clock turns. Rack of Lamb. Roasted crispy potatoes. The Rosemary scent floats in the air as the woman in red cuts a piece of the juicy meat. She feeds him the first bite as he closes his eyes and smiles in delight.
Shoes off, toes start playing. One more sip of wine. There are strawberries on the table. Chocolate is in the melting process, they dip, they bite, they giggle.
The party of two move to their living room, glasses in hand. She lays close to him as he plays with her hair. They laugh away the stress of the day. They talk about the past. They talk about their future. The candles slowly burn themselves out, casting a glow over them while the shadows dance on the walls.

The dirty dishes can wait.

I do not recommend to test this same scenario with a meal brought from Chili's takeout.

Bon Appetit!


Ace said...

Not only am I smelling your glorious food and enjoying the ambience of it all...but i was ready to turn the page on what would be the beginning of a delightful book!
My mind is racing...and I am thinking what about the little one? or will this lead to another little one? LOL
j/k - your blog was delicious from start to finish!

Andie said...

Thanks Candace! The book idea has crossed my mind, but I must get ready for such journey, I am not there yet.
Another little one? not yet...LOL.
I am very glad you enjoyed it and very honored that you read it!
Lost of love your way!